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(crew):   YO HEAVE HO!
(sailingmaster): C'mon, lads, ye sail for Nancy whiskey!
               YO HEAVE HO!
For no one else will surely miss ye!
               YO HEAVE HO!

So kiss the blade and dance a jig
You're a pirate now, why give a frig?
You'll dine on thick gold dishes
Or you'll be swimmin' with the fishes
It's all the same when you–

               YO HEAVE HO!

Dance with Lady Marlin
Or drink with Miss Stars
Jenny sure ain't payin'
For you salty tars!
At least she don't care if you’re pretty
As long as you–

               YO HEAVE HO!

There's no better life for the likes of you!

               YO HEAVE HO!

Curs and rotters and blackguards all
One day you meet your watery fall
You'll reek o' the sea when she gets her fill
But who knows how many treasures until–

               WE YO HEAVE HO!

Lyrics © Dara Joy

Avast ye, mateys!
We have big news at, so grab your best seafarin' garb and come prepared to go adventuring on the bounding main, arrrrrg, as Ms Joy is about to take you on a voyage filled with action, passion, laughs and plenty of grog in her brand new release, TASTE OF THE DEVIL BY DARA JOY!

Ms Joy's first FULL LENGTH NOVEL in many a year, so don't miss out on this amazing tale of roguish love and tom-foolery, action and rousing adventure on the high seas, told as only Dara can, with a plenty of lusty rogues to go around for the lot of ya!

Written for the love all things pirate.

So, if you fancy a good rousing tale o' the brethren life in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean, well, then, me hearties, this is the book for you!

So place yer orders now to get aboard, ye scalawags, and TASTE OF DEVIL will be sure to be sailing yer way! The Panther and his crew are a' waiting on yer timely arrival with nothing but smiles and innocence in their dastardly hearts, arrrrg.

And now for the articles of fact:

This is a special, limited E-BOOK edition. This is a brand new full length novel by Dara Joy. The cost of this edition of TASTE OF THE DEVIL is $10.50. There are no shipping or handling charges.

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